The Unmanned Self-storage system is finally here!

SC Solutions has been working on the Unmanned Self-storage for more than 3 years, and has now started to roll out the system throughout Europe.

How great would it be when you will only need to go to your Self-storage for checkups and cleaning? How would it be to have a completely automated and unmanned Self-storage?

Keys, pin codes and proximity tags are now a thing of the past for your Self-storage company!

How unmanned self-storage work?


  1. After a tenant books a storage space, he or she will receive a text message with a link to download the Smart Access App, together with a verification code.

*When the link is clicked, tenants will automatically be brought to their phones app store, where they simply need to click on install.

  1. The tenant enters this verification code into the Smart Access App.

*When the app is downloaded, entering the verification code is the first thing that will be prompted.

  1. The app will automatically know who the tenants is, what storage unit they have, and what access locations the tenant has access to.

*Because of this, tenants will only be allowed to enter access locations, that you gave them access to. These rights can always be changed.

  1. Tenants will be able to open doors to get into the Self-storage building and to open their storage unit doors.

*Tenants will be able to give other apps access to their storage unit.

  1. Tenants store their goods, close their door and leave the Self-storage building, using the app again at the building exit.


After the tenant leaves, there are two scenarios possible.

Manual arm option

With the manual arm option tenants will rearm the alarm on their storage units after leaving their unit on their smartphone. The simply click on the activate alarm button in the app. (this option will make tenants aware that you offer them something that other self-storages often don’t have: individual unit security)

Auto-arm option

With the auto arm option, the alarms will re-activate when no movements have been detected inside the storage unit after a certain time. This time can be edited by the Self-storage owner.

For more information about the Smart Access Clients App, Click here.

Locks and Boxcontrollers

The locks that communicate with the SC Smart Access app which opens the storage unit doors are connected to Boxcontrollers. These boxcontroller also have an input on which the following devices can be connected:

  • Smoke/fire detection
  • Water detection
  • Air humidity sensor
  • Thermometer
  • SC Switches

Boxcontrollers are connected to CB160’s. A maximum of 160 Boxcontroller can be connected to 1 CB160. The CB160’s are connected to the central controller, on which all SC Solutions software is running.

*SC Lock and SC Boxcontroller

The locks can be installed on almost any type of swing door. For more information about this, please contact SC Solutions. The Boxcontrollers can be placed in any type of storage unit.


Boxwatchers are our individual unit security devices. Boxwatchers are specially developed for Self-storage and will guarantee you a watertight security system on the basis of movement detection. The New Boxwatcher Digital is a completely new product. Every Boxwatcher Digital now possesses a microprocessor which make it possible to change the sensitivity of every individual boxwatcher. They now also have a signal light which will light up when movement is detected. The only thing that did not change is the easy way of installment.

boxwatcher sc solutions

Since Boxwatchers are designed to work together with Boxcontrollers, SC Solutions will always advise here customers to use Unmanned Self-storage systems by SC Solutions, in combination with the Boxwatcher. With a boxwatcher present, you will also receive a much better insight in the system, since movement will tell you a lot about the behavior of tenants. In an unmanned Self-storage facility, good security is also of the essence.

Boxwatcher also have, just like boxcontrollers, an extra input on which Smoke detection, water detection, air humidity and temperature sensors can be connected.

When a tenant leaves the Self-storage, and the auto-arm function of the alarms is preferred, a Boxwatcher must be present inside the storage unit.

For more information about the Boxwatcher, click here.

Manager and employee apps

As the Smart Access app will only allow access to certain storage spaces, we have also developed an app for Self-storage managers and employees. The functionalities of this app are comparable to the older SC App. The new app is however based on a cloud solution.

For more information about the Smart Access Managers App, Click here.

Integration with StoreIT-Store 365

SC Solutions has a software linkage with Store-IT/Store 365 that is optimized for the Unmanned Self-storage system by SC Solutions. People can choose, reserve and pay for a storage space in the cloud based software by Store-IT, after which they will automatically receive the text message for installing the Smart Access app.

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