Smart Access Manager App: A must for Self-storage managers

In addition to our new Smart Access Client App, the older SC  Self-storage App has received a great overhaul. The app has become safer, quicker and more useful.

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From anywhere in the world, you will be able to:

  • Open access locations
  • Turn alarms on/off
  • See who accessed the building
  • Block clients
  • Edit client details
  • View a clear even log about what is happening in the building

Self-storage app: Control, details, events and info

The app has 5 parts: Startup, Open location, Tenant details, Events and Info

On the startup screen, you will see all the self-storages that are working with the app. When you have one building, it will show the name of this building. When you have multiple different buildings, they will be shown in this screen. In this screen, buildings can be added and removed.

smart access self-storage app

In the open locations screen, all the present access locations will be shown. Here, all these access locations can be opened, from anywhere in the world.

Tenant details. In the Tenant details pars, you will be able to see all the tenant details. Here, tenants can be blocked when necessary.

Evens screen. The events screen gives you a very clear log about what is happening at your self-storage facility. Who is entering the building? Who is inside? What is he doing? This can be very handy when an alarm is sounding, but you don’t know why.

In the info screen, info from the Self-storage can be displayed.

The Smart Access Managers App is a must for everyone with a self-storage facility.

Download the App here!

Apple: Click here

Android: Click here

(A Windows phone version is not available at the moment)

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