Do you suffer from missing, broken or misplaced self-storage trolleys? We have the solution!

As you are used to from SC Solutions, we are always looking for new Self-Storage solutions. In order to best match our solutions to the needs of the customer, we listen to all the tips, comments and questions of our customers. Through this way of product development we have come across the problems/issues with Self-storage trolley.

A few issues we heard of:

  • We are losing our trolleys
  • Our trolleys are not returned
  • Our tenants place the trolley in their unit for later.
  • The trolleys are stolen
  • We find trolleys outside the buildings

SC Solutions started thinking of a solution that will get rid of these issues, and as always, we came up with a solution.

Always know who and when used your self-storage trolley!

When a tenant wishes to use one of your trolleys, the tenant will have to release the trolley via the smartphone.

Your tenant must indicate on the smartphone that he wants to use a trolley by simply clicking on: get trolley. A lock that attaches to the trolley will be released, and the trolley can be taken.

When trolley is released, this will be logged immediately. In simple-to-use software you can easily find out who took a trolley.

This way you can confront the tenant who used the trolley last. Of course, you can decide yourself whether to take extra measures. For example, you can put penalties on not returning trolleys, or you can deny them using trolleys in the future. This can even be done via the app.

How does it work?

The trolley system can be part of our unmanned and/or Boxwatcher systems.

To make the locks function, a Boxcontroller is used. If an unmanned or Boxwatcher system is already present, the Box Controller is connected to the existing CB 160. The Cb160 is the brain of the Boxcontroller/boxwatcher system.

The box controller is linked to the lock that’s on the trolley, which can be controlled by the smartphone.

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