Self-Storage software: SC Access

The SC Access system is a Self-Storage software system specially developed by SC Solutions for the Self-Storage market. It is a system that allows Self-Storage operators to have a much better insight in their Self-Storage facility. This high performance software system is easily operable.

The SC Access system controls the entire access aspect. Customers, unit data, access groups, time zones, access rights and much more, are all controlled with this program. Because of the great adjustability and the simple way of entering new information, Self-Storage operators will be able to control their facility perfectly.

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By registering and monitoring the number of visitors and movements inside the building, SC Access also gives a great view of what is happening inside a Self-Storage facility. The export function inside SC Access allows you to export easy and clear information from the systems to spreadsheets and text processors.

Controlling your Self-Storage from anywhere is also possible. This is because our software works with SQL servers. SC Access clients can be installed on all computers and laptops running Windows. With the SC Smartphone application, it is even possible to get a lot of information that the software contains on your smartphone.

Compatible with other Self-Storage software

SC Solutions has developed SC Link, which is a software program that makes it possible to communicate flawlessly with Self-Storage software suppliers like StoreIT/Store 365, Space manager, 6Storage and many others.

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Integrated into software

Some SC Access features


  • Book in tenants
  • Book out tenants
  • Edit tenant staus
  • Block tenants


  • Access details by date and unitnumber
  • Access details by access groups, pincode and proximity tag ID
  • Export access details
  • Boxwatcher evens
  • Magnet contact events
  • View tenant database
  • View storage unit database
  • Edit boxwatchers
  • Open and close access locations
  • Logs


  • Storage unit database
  • Tenants database
  • Boxwatchers
  • Magnet contacts

Access management

  • Make and edit timezones (who can enter where and and at what time)
  • Make and edit timegroups (what groups of tenants can enter where and at what time on which)
  • Edit which tenant has access to certain access locations


  • SC App management
  • SC Access account/user management
  • SC Switch settings
  • Calender switch settings
  • Edits display texts and announcements on keypads
  • Manage other self-storage facilities with SC Access
  • Connect SC Access to security companies