More energie efficiency and more security for you self-storage

SC Solutions offers three kinds of switches: The light (energy efficiency), elevator(security) and alarm(security) switch. Extra selfstorage security and a more energy efficient selfstorage.

Light switch – Energy efficiency

The SC light switch is a system that can toggle the light inside self-storage facilities. When a tenant enters the building by proximity tag, pincode or smartphone, the light switch will automatically switch on the lights on the route to the tenants storage unit. Other parts of the facility that are not on the tenants route, will stay dark.

To turn on/off different light zones, a main relay is used. On this main relay, 8 light zones can be added. Of course it is possible to extend this up to any number of light zones. A time clock can also be installed on the switch. This simply means that the light zones can turn on or off separately on any given time. When a tenant types in his pin code to leave the building, the switch will make sure that the light zones will be switched off again. The system can also be connected to any light sensors.

Boxwatchers can toggle light and work with light sensors as well. For more information about this, click here.

Elevator switch – Selfstorage security

With the SC Elevator switch, only certain floors of your self-storage facility will be accessible for tenants. This way, tenants will only be able to go to the floor where their storage unit situated. If the tenant does not own a storage unit on a certain floor, the elevator will not allow the tenant to go there. When a storage unit is linked with a tenant, the software will automatically know where this storage unit is, and on what floor it is situated. Of course, exceptions can be made. Think of floors with toilets, where all client will need access to.

The elevator switch can be installed in almost every kind of elevator. The switch is installed inside the technical space of the elevator. Keypads are placed in the elevator sidepanels.

Alarm switch – Selfstorage security

The SC Alarm switch connects our security systems with existing alarms and building alarms.

Existing and building alarms can be connected to our:

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