SC Graphics: All information on one clear screen

SC Graphics is the site graphics solutions software by SC Solutions. With SC Graphics, Self-storage owners will have the possibility to see their Self-storage facility and statuses of certain systems on a full screen monitor.


The most used feature of Graphics is the view of unit statuses and maps. At a central location such as receptions, offices or open area’s inside the Self-storage, a monitor is placed, that shows a clear map of the entire Self-storage. On this map, all the storage units are shown including their status (rented/free/in maintenance). With this, you can show tenants what unit they can pick and which ones are free. Next to storage units and their status, graphics can also show things like where the toilets are, and where emergency exits are. Graphics can also show where an alarm is coming from.

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Graphics on a central location will give clients a feeling that their unit is constantly monitored, and it will inform them about your Self-storage facility.

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