Zebrabox Villeneuve: The full Unmanned package.

Zebrabox is the leading provider of self-storage solutions and offers its customers more than 5500 storage spaces at 8 sites in Switzerland.

The company has been founded in 2003 by Christian Schmutz with the support of private entrepreneurs. The highly prolific company “Ministorage”, founded 1979 in Zürich, has been taken over in 2008. Therefore Zebrabox is the first Self Storage venture in Continental Europe.  From this point on Zebrabox increased permanently and extended its network with branches in Bern, Basel, Schlieren, Therwil, Spreitenbach and Villeneuve.

Zebrabox Villeneuve
Villeneuve Retail Park
Chemin de la Confrérie
CH-1844 Villeneuve VD
Tel. 021 625 15 15

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What did SC Solutions install here?

Boxcontrollers (for Unmanned locks)

Boxcontrollers control the Lock that will open units. Boxcontrollers can be outfitted with extra sensors.

Boxwatchers (for water-tight security)

The Boxwatcher is a passive infrared motion sensor, that is placed inside every storage unit.

Unmanned Locks (for the Unmanned apps)

Unmanned locks are the locks that are controlled by the smart access app. These locks can be installed on almost any door type.

Smart Access Clients app

Give clients access to the self-storage by smartphone, and automate your self-storage 100%

Smart Access Manager app

Control, open access locations, details, events and info, all in one app for self-storage managers

Keypads (in combination with the apps)

Keypads are SC Solutions main access control devices. These devices provide an easy, durable and faultless access control system. They are outfitted with a pinpad and a proximity reader.

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