Pickens Self-storage

Pickens Selfstorage was founded in 2007 in Hamburg – as an innovative company providing service to a market that is demanding for more storage space. Privately as well as commercially. Pickens Selfstorage started with facilities in Berlin and Hamburg, but will expand to other metropolitain areas, such as Frankfurt and Munich.

One of the managing directors and the great great grandson of Samuel Pickens – Wolfgang J. Köhnk – already started in 2000 with his first Selfstorage Center in Hamburg-Stellingen. Thus he picked up a family tradition: Samuel Pickens rented out storage space in San Francisco during the gold rush from 1848 to 1854. He opened Storage Centres for everyone. San Francisco grew from 1.000 to 25.000 inhabitants in only two years. Storage space at the Pickens Storage Center was useful for those many people that flocked to California in order to find gold.

Pickens Selfstorage today stands again for secure, safe, dry and clean storage space for everyone. Quality and service are first priority.

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What did SC Solutions at Pickens? 


Keypads are SC Solutions main access control devices. These devices provide an easy, durable and faultless access control system. They are outfitted with a pinpad and a proximity reader.

Pin hole camera’s

Pin hole camera’s are placed inside keypads. With a pin hole camera, self-storage operators will always be able to see who is entering the facility.

Elevator Switch

With the SC Elevator switch, only certain floors of your self-storage facility will be accessible for tenants. This way, tenants will only be able to go to the floor where their storage unit situated.

SC Graphics

SC Graphics is the site graphics solutions software by SC Solutions. With SC Graphics, Self-storage owners will have the possibility to see their Self-storage facility and statuses of certain systems on a full screen monitor.


The Boxwatcher is a passive infrared motion sensor, that is placed inside every storage unit.

SC Access

The SC Access system is a software system specially developed by SC Solutions for the self-storage market. It is a system that allows self-storage operators to have a much better insight in their self-storage facility. This high performance software system is easily operable.