M3 Self-storage

M3 Self-storage is a Dutch Self-storage company situated in different cities across Holland. The company was established in 2011, and has become a well-known self-storage in the North of Holland. M3 has distinguished herself as a self-storage with a very high standard of security.

What did SC Solutions install here?


Keypads are SC Solutions main access control devices. These devices provide an easy, durable and faultless access control system. They are outfitted with a pinpad and a proximity reader.

Elevator Switch

With the SC Elevator switch, only certain floors of your self-storage facility will be accessible for tenants. This way, tenants will only be able to go to the floor where their storage unit situated.

Light Switch

The light switch makes sure that only the necessary light zones will be switched on when a tenant enters the building. A very energy efficient lighting system.


The Boxwatcher is a passive infrared motion sensor that is placed inside every storage unit.

SC Access

The SC Access system is a software system specially developed by SC Solutions for the self-storage market. It is a system that allows self-storage operators to have a much better insight in their self-storage facility. This high performance software system is easily operable.

Camera Surveillance

The entire selfs-storage is outfitted with a large quantity of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. Besides the camera’s, 3 large monitors that show the images have been placed at the reception.

Smart Access Manager App

The self-storage operators all have an app top check every aspect of the access control system. Next to this, every access location can be opened by this app.


The access locations are outfitted with intercoms, to establish a speech connection to the reception. After opening hours, the intercoms will connect to mobile phones.


Multiple pillars have been installed to serve cars at the main entrance gate. Because of the pillar height, people can give in their access code, without leaving the car.