AT♥UT-BOX Stockage opens the fourth location in Nîmes

In the south of France, AT♥UT-BOX Stockage opens the fourth location in Nîmes for which they have purchased a new building. SC Solutions previously provided access control for the self-storage locations in Montpellier.

The owner, Jean Baptiste Bertrand developed his own management software which we intergrated seamlessly with our access control software.

 Since 2010, AT♥UT-BOX has been a satisfied client.

" Thanks to the flawless security system (alarms, digital code and motion detectors), guests always have access to their box. "
Jean-Baptiste Bertrand

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AT♥UT-BOX Montpellier parc 2000

AT♥UT-BOX Montpellier Millenaire

What does SC Solutions relise for AT♥UT-BOX at Nîmes

The builder of the units prepared the electrical installation for in collaboration with us. We’ll integrate the boxwatchers, CB160, Keypads en test the installation.

The floor on the ground floor will be delivered at the end of January and the second floor at the end of February 2020

Boxwatcher sc solutions

800 box watchers

800 box watchers for 800 units on 3 floors.



Connects everything to the server



Keypads ccp4 for lift sysytem