Keypads: A flawless access control system

Keypads, SC Solutions main access control devices, installed troughout the continent.

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Standard equipped with proximity reader and pinpad

Streamlined, stainless steel cabinets

Vandal resistend and weatherproof







Keypads are SC Solutions main access control devices. These devices provide an easy, durable and faultless access control system. They are outfitted with a pinpad and a proximity reader, and can be provided with a pin hole camera.


First impressions count and are often a decisive factor. That is why we use stream-lined, stainless steel cabinets. They come with a grey powder-coated finish, which makes them weather proof. It is also possible to place the vandal-proof keypads inside existing walls or on pillars. The buttons of the pinpad will light up when pressed.


The keypads come with a two line LCD display that lights up when used. On this display messages can be easily programmed. Thinks of messages such as: Welcome mr. Jones and please follow the route or any other message.


Keypads can be outfitted with different housings. The can be installed with sunken caps(to place them inside walls, cabinets or doors), with small or large rain caps.


The devices communicate via electrical bus lines that can be connected to other systems up till 1500 meters away. They also possess an input that makes it possible to connect them to other systems such as detection loops, overhead doors, access doors and barriers.

Pin hole camera’s

Pin hole camera’s can be placed inside keypads. With a pin hole camera, self-storage operators will always be able to see who is entering the facility. Next to pin hole camera’s, SC Solutions offers a wide range of in- and outdoor camera surveillance systems. The pin hole camera’s are supplied by our certified partner Axis communications.

pin hole camera axis sc solutions

*Pin hole camera

Pincodes and proximity tags

A pin code can be provided to the self-storage customers, which they can use to enter the building. It is also possible to use proximity tags. These tags are a little smaller than an average key and have to be held in front of the proximity area of the keypad.

proximity tag sc solutions

*Proximity tag in black

Software and apps

Keypads work together with the SC Access software and many other software programmes such as Space Manager and Store 365. In the software, all the PIN codes and proximity tags are handled. Tenant details, unit/storage data, access groups, time groups, time zones,, access rights and a lot more, can all the configured and modified. Tenants can be followed, blocked and edited on both PC’s and smartphones.

For more information about SC Access, click here. For more information about Smartphone apps, click here

smart access app sc solutions

*SC App, events and tenant screen


Keypads are often installed in combination with intercoms. For more information about intercoms, click here.

Intercom sc solutions

*Intercom (small version) in stainless steel

Keypads and Unmanned Self-storage

Keypads can work together with our Unmanned Self-storage systems. For more information about this, click here.

Keypad network

keypads sc solutions

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