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Intercom communication systems

Speak-listen connections for Self-Storage buildings.

Within Self-Storage it is not unusual that buildings are managed unmanned. In order to be accessible to your tenants, the use of an intercom has become quite necessary. SC Solutions has various intercom systems in its delivery package. From simple intercom systems, where speak-listen connections between point A and B are possible, to full accessibility systems where a speak-listen connection between the intercom post and a (mobile) telephone is possible.

Intercom systems

An intercom system offers you the possibility of a speak-listen connection between fixed points. For example, you can choose to mount intercom A at the main entrance and intercom B at the reception. A total of four intercoms can be installed on a basic intercom system. This can of course be extended with any multiple of four. 

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Accessibility Systems

A accessibility system has the same possibilities as an intercom system: creating a speaking-listening connection between two points.

With a accessibility system, however, the system works on a telephone / VoIP level, which opens up a world of extra possibilities. Intercoms now get the possibility to call (mobile) telephones. Eight telephone numbers can be set in a standard accessibility system. If the first number is not answered, the system automatically switches to the next telephone number. A wonderful opportunity that makes an unmanned site possible.

Open access locations

Intercoms in a accessibility system can also open access locations. When someone uses the intercom at location X, the (mobile) phone that the intercom at location X is connected to, can open the access location of location X, by simply clicking on the # button during the connection.