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Camera surveillance systems for every self-storage situation.


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In- and outdoor camera systems

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In a Self-storage facility, camera surveillance is almost always present. It increases safety for tenants and staff. SC Solutions offers various types of monitoring and security observation systems. These are tailored to your quality requirements and budget.

Camera surveillance systems for any situation

The cameras in our range are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the desired application and control / monitoring function (s), the camera surveillance systems are rotatable and have zoom options. The software and hardware are developed (in part) by SC Solutions.

At a central point, for example the reception or the doorman’s watch, the complete viewing and control unit is placed. There can be chosen for one monitor per camera or for the so-called quad method. This means that multiple images can be displayed simultaneously on the monitor. It is also possible to display all the images alternately and randomly.

Pin hole camera’s

Pin hole camera’s are placed inside keypads. With a pin hole camera, self-storage operators will always be able to see who is entering the facility. The pin hole camera’s are supplied by our certified partner Axis communications.

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Indoor camera’s

High resolution color cameras for indoor use are available in different types. Normal or dome cameras, fixed or rotating, with or without zoom function.

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Outdoor camera’s

Our outdoor cameras feature an auto day / night switch, which always captures high resolution and contrast. This also ensures more color during the day, and a better black and white contrast at night. If desired, the cameras can also be performed with infrared, so night images are displayed as if it were during daytime.

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Digital recorder

The camera’s are connected to a centrally located 4, 8, 16, 42 or 64 channel Triplex Multiplexer with a built-in hard drive. In addition to the hard drive, there is also a CD-RW burner that can easily write images to a CD / DVD. Of course, this can also be done via a usb / memory stick or via an external hard drive.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet means that the power of the cameras is running through the same cable as the data. As a result, only one cable has to be pulled to the camera instead of two or more. This leads to a cable saving of more than 50%!

Smartphone, tablet and PC applications

With SC Solutions camera surveillance systems, you can watch images from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, laptop or pc. A simple app  or software program that is simple to set up. Backups such as zoom and images are also possible. Push notifications for movements at strange times (for example, at night) are also easy to set.

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A monitor at the front office lets you show your customers how safe their goods are stored. They will see that their unit is constantly monitored through a big screen that anyone can see 24/7, 265 days a year. Of course, the screens can be placed anywhere.

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