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Passive infrared motion sensors

Microprocessor and light detection






One of the most important features for every Self-storage company, is the level of security used. SC Solutions has used her 15 years of experience in the Self-storage market, to devise the most secure security systems for Self-storage possible. 3D security instead of the older 2D security, like door locks and magnetic locks. No other system can offer such a guarantee that the goods of your tenants are stored safely.

The Boxwatcher is a uniquely patented product by SC Solutions, that received a great overhaul in 2016. We went from the well-known Boxwatcher, to the Boxwatcher Digital. A completely new product. The Boxwatcher V1 can be found throughout Europe and still offers the best security for Self-storage possible, after the new Boxwatcher Digital.

What is the Boxwatcher?

The Boxwatcher is a passive infrared motion sensor, that is placed inside every storage unit. The Boxwatcher contains a microprocessor which makes it possible to change the sensitivity of every individual boxwatcher.

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When a movement is detected in a storage unit, whether it has an opened or closed status, the Boxwatcher will know this. When a movement is detected, a signal light on the Boxwatcher will light up, and all the information will be send to the software.

How does it work?

The boxwatchers are constantly scanning for movement. When a movement that should not be there is detected. The Boxwatchers will react to this.

Boxwatcher will react to:

  • Movements
  • Changes in light sensitivity
  • Any type of Sabotage

When a tenant enters his pincode or proximity tag at the entrance of the Self-storage building, the pincode or proximity tag will be linked to the tenant’s storage unit and that storage unit’s Boxwatcher. The Boxwatcher will then ignore any movements inside this particular unit.

When a smartphone system is used, clients can turn of the Boxwatcher themselves, or the Boxwatcher can be turned off when the tenant enters the building by smartphone app.

When the client leaves there are multiple options in turning on the Boxwatcher again.

These options are:

The manual arm option

With the manual arm option tenants will rearm the alarm on their storage units after leaving their unit on their smartphone. The simply click on the activate alarm button in the app. (this option will make tenants aware that you offer them something that other self-storages often don’t have: individual unit security)

The auto-arm option

With the auto arm option, the alarms will re-activate when no movements have been detected inside the storage unit after a certain time. This time can be edited by the Self-storage owner.


When movement is detected inside a storage unit that has a closed status, a siren will sound for 30 seconds. When further movements are detected, the alarm will move up to phase 2. In phase 2, the alarm will sound for 30 more seconds, and the Self-storage owner will be notified by phone message. When there is still movement detected, the alarm will move up to phase 3. In addition to the Boxwatcher systems alarms, the burglary alarm will be activated. The signal that is send to the burglary alarm can be used in many ways. Self-storage owners can be notified like in phase 2, but messages can also be send to security companies.

The standard boxwatcher alarms are placed on the CB160’s.


All the boxwatchers will come together in the CB160. The CB160 is connected to our central cabinet, that holds our systems and central controller server.

On a CB160, a maximum amount of 160 Boxwatcher can be added. The amount of CB160’s in a Boxwatcher systems is limitless. This means that weather you have a Self-storage with 50 or 5000 units, Boxwatchers can always easily be installed.

A Cb160 also works with Boxcontrollers. For more information about Boxcontrollers, please click here.

Quick installation

The Boxwatcher is very easy to install. It takes less than 10 minutes to install a single Boxwatcher. Because of this, we always offer clients to install the cables and boxwatcher themselves.

SC Access

Boxwatcher are integrated into our SC Access software. Every aspect of the Boxwatcher system can be edited here. Think of changing the duration of alarms and changing the sensitivity of the Boxwatchers. You can check why Boxwatchers might generate alarms and you can see the status of storage units. Next to SC Access, the Boxwatchers are also integrated into Self-storage software packages like Store 365 and Space manager.

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Boxwatchers and Unmanned Self-storage

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For more information about Boxwatchers in combination with our Unmanned Self-storage solutions, click here.

Extendable with sensors

The Boxwatcher now have an input, on which different types of sensors can be connected. This makes the Boxwatcher a little ‘’weather station’’ in every storage unit.

Boxwatchers can be extended with:

  • Smoke/fire detection
  • Water leakage detection
  • Air humidity sensors
  • Thermometers
  • SC Switches

Boxwatcher network

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