SC Solutions: Access control and Security Systems for Self-storage

SC Solutions is a Dutch company, situated in Zaandam, The Netherlands, near the capital Amsterdam. Our company has distinguished itself into a reliable specialist in the field of access control and security systems for the European self-storage market.

SC Solutions offers high end solutions through customer focus, flexibility, professionalism and accessibility at affordable rates. Our strength lies in the combination of hardware and software. This allows us to personalize and specialize our solutions for every individual client. Because of this, it is possible to fully control, access, protect and steer every aspect of your self-storage facility, centrally and remotely.

SC Solutions Access Control and Security systems

With our large team of qualified service engineers, programmers and workplanners from both SC Solutions and our sister companies CAT Control systems and Miro international, we have been successfully installing our systems throughout Europe for almost 15 years. This has made SC Solutions a well known name in the Self-storage market.

Access control

SC Solutions provides the hardware and software needed to completely automatize self-storage facilities. To give access to people and/or vehicles, only to those who have been granted access with exclusive permission by their RFID tag/PIN code and/or smartphone. We will advise you about which system is the right access control system for your self-storage facility, considering your needs and budget. As we have our own research and development department, our systems are constantly evolving with new additions, making our systems very future-proof.

Self-storage security

SC Solutions is specialized in security systems for self-storage facilities. Our security systems have constantly been evolving over the past fifteen years, and have been installed throughout Europe. With uniquely patented products like the Boxwatcher, SC Solutions offers the highest possible security for Self-storage and individual unit security.

With our wide range of in and outdoor surveillance systems, every inch of your self-storage facility will be registered 24/7. In combination with our surveillance software and smartphone applications, operators will always be able to view their self-storage facility.


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